Ombre Brow Class and

Candy Lips (Lip Blush)

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We Offer Exclusive Private Classes

If you are interested in private, 1 on 1 class or small group classes of under (3) people, we charge an extra $500 per student. To schedule a private class please message us on our CONTACT US page or call (212)913-9612 to schedule.

Ombre Brow Class and

Candy Lips (Lip Blush)

3 – Days of Intensive Classroom Learning + 2 additional days of learning with a practice model at any of our studios

Arch Angels NYC offers you our exclusive techniques, designed by Master Daly, that have garnered tremendous success in the industry. Our workshop goes above and beyond to prepare you for a lifetime of success as a PMU artist. We don’t believe in just practicing, we offer mentorship. We are not just a Facebook forum or a messaging group, we hold your hand until success is achieved. Daly is a dedicated mentor with years of experience as a former teacher certified by the NYS Board of Education and permanent makeup artist with monumental success.

Ombre Brow is a technique that mimics the ‘effect’ you achieve when you use a brow powder or pencil. It offers a ‘blocked in’ appearance as the pigment is applied using a machine and a technique that covers the brow area from the inner brow through to the tail in one block color. It adds depth, definition, and results in a more ‘made up’ look.

Instead of the hair stroke typical with Microblading and Microfeathering, Microshading employs a stippling method, which uses repetitive dots of pigment. When healed, you will achieve a permanent, defined but soft powdered look.

Candy Lips is an exclusive lip contouring technique developed by Arch Angels’ Master Artist Daly, inspired by an extremely popular semi-permanent makeup treatment that defines the lip’s shape to provide a flush of color to accentuate the lip’s natural contour.

Arch Angels NYC’s Ombre Brows & Candy Lips Workshop is a three-day, intensive training course with two extra mentorship days included(at our studio), with live model demonstration for each technique, a full starter kit including an exclusive PMU digital machine, three months of ongoing support through our group chat, lifetime access to our private Facebook group, certificate of attendance and much more! Must have previous PMU experience.


  • Theory
  • Skin Types And How to Identify Them
  • Theory Of Color
  • Eyebrow Design And Its Different Methods
  • Conditions That Do Not Qualify For Ombre and Candy Lips/Lip Contour
  • Factors That Affect The Duration Of Ombre and Candy Lips/Lip Contour
  • Sterilization
  • The Proper Depth
  • Different Lip Techniques
  • Proper Use Of The Inducer For Correct Implantation

Workshop Includes

  • 3 Days of Intensive Classroom Learnings
  • 2 additional days of learning with a practice model at any of our studios
  • Full Starter Kit
  • 2 Live Model Demonstration
  • Digital PMU Machine
  • Access To Our Private Facebook Page
  • 3 Months Of Coaching Through Our Group Chat
  • Lunch & Snacks
  • Certificate of Attendance

Permanent Makeup Potential Yearly Earnings 

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Private workshops available upon request. Contact us at or +1 (212) 913-9612


Ombre Brows

  • Numbing Cream
  • Secondary Numbing (Blue Gel)
  • Sticky Rulers
  • Pre Draw Pencils
  • 5 Skin Sheets
  • Brow Shavers
  • Electric Brow Razors
  • Pigment Rings
  • Permablend Pigment Collection
  • Permablend Ink Thinner
  • Practice Pigment
  • Medical Markers
  • Pigment Seal
  • Digital PMU Machine
  • Grip Tape
  • Machine Cartridges: 1RL, 3RL
  • Brow Brush
  • Lip Brushes
  • Squeeze Bottle
  • Green Soap
  • Tweezer

Lips Kit

  • Full Lip Pigment Kit
  • Permablend Blanc
  • Lifted Skin Sheets
  • Flat Skin Sheets
  • Lip Pencil – Red
  • Lip Pencil – Pink
  • Lip Pencil – White
    Lip Gloss Clear
  • Lip Gloss Nude
  • Lip gloss Red
  • Lip gloss Pink
  • Lip Gloss Sticks
  • Translucent Powder
  • Rainbow Powder Brush


I took the Microblading & Shading Workshop, and it was fantastic. Extremely informative and educational. Daly was very thorough, kind, welcoming and funny. The workshop was everything I hoped for and then some. I highly recommend you do your workshops with Arch Angels if this is a career choice of yours, also if you want any of the services they provide, all of the artists are amazing…you will not be disappointed.”

Marisa Fouche

I took the Candy Lips/Lip Contour course with Master Daly. The class was AMAZING !! It was everything and more. Daly is a wonderful Instructor so knowledgeable and detail oriented. She answered all my questions and made me feel so confident and comfortable. I will definitely be taking more classes. I highly recommend ArchAngels Academy.”

Charlene Garcia

Love, Love, Love! I took a microblading & shading plus diva brows workshop and the ladies there where very patient and professional on teaching the techniques. Daly the owner and master brow artist was informative on how the permanent makeup industry would be like. This course was pricey but fortunately Daly gives all the tools required to start your microblading career. Super grateful to have taken this course with Daly and her staff. So worth it.”

Kisses Roman

Words can’t even explain my outstanding experience at Arch Angels Academy. Let me just start by saying I was super nervous about the class because this other class I was going to take with a different artist at a different company tried scammed me. But when it came to Daly she took care of me like I was a infant lol. Her as well as her staff held my hand through the 3 day class which is really a 5 day class 1 apprenticeship day and another day with a model. They boosted my confidence throughout the 3 days which I really needed because it’s hard I have never done microblading before. She sent us home with everything I mean everything supplies, where to get your supplies, how to get your license everything .. It’s too much to write. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to take the removal class and scalp class. Please Please if your looking for a class to take this is it, it’s worth every penny.”

Tahetia Shellman

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